Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome & Overview

    • How to use this course

    • Meet your teacher

    • Before we begin...

    • Introduction - how you can save the planet

  • 2

    Composting basics

    • 1. Bins, bays and barrels

    • 2. Constructing your compost

    • 3. Choosing materials & what to avoid

    • 4. Aerobic vs anaerobic composting

    • 5. How to turn and harvest your compost

    • 6. Challenges

    • 7. Harvesting - knowing when it's ready

  • 3

    FACTSHEETS - downloadable resources & signage

    • Composting Fact Sheet

    • Compost Materials

    • Compost Bin Signage - materials

    • Compost Bin Signage - STOP!! Bin is full

  • 4

    Test your knowledge

    • QUIZ - What have you learnt?

  • 5

    Before you go ....

    • Monthly Gardening Guides

    • One more thing ...

About your trainer

Known as The Veggie Lady (, Toni Salter has a passion to see organic gardening principles adopted by everyone, encouraging people to grow organic produce everywhere, whether it’s in their backyard, hospital rehabilitation, aged care facility or day centre for people with disabilities or mental health conditions. 

Toni is a qualified Horticulturist and Recreation Activity Officer and has been teaching popular community education classes on organic gardening through local councils for the last 20 years. She runs therapeutic gardening programs, developing sensory gardens through community health services and provided training on social and therapeutic gardening for staff, carers and volunteers. Toni is also a regular guest on local ABC Radio Sydney gardening show with Simon Marnie.