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This course is for teachers, lecturers, tutors, trainers and coaches who want to create engaging lessons which inspire and motivate their learners.

Become a rockstar educator!


Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!

  • 3

    Step 1 - Get attention

  • 4

    Step 2 - Maintain attention

    • 2.1 The importance of maintaining attention

    • 2.2 Hit the attention reset button

    • 2.3 Mix it up

    • 2.4 Creating an active learning environment

  • 5

    Step 3 - Think like a student

    • 3.1 A confronting question

    • 3.2 Confidence

    • 3.3 Satisfaction

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    Next Steps...

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About your Trainer

Dr Graeme Salter
Graeme is an international speaker in engaging education. He is currently the Vice-President (Academic)  and Provost in a leading higher education institution in Australia. He has had the privilege  to observe many educators - and to reflect on what works and what doesn't!

He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Teaching for his research in this area. While coming from a strong theoretical base, his training focuses on how you can implement these findings practically. Learn how you can benefit from this experience by joining this course today.