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    Fast-track your way to a healthy lifestyle and get more home grown produce with help from expert horticulturist, The Veggie Lady.

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  • use your garden to improve your mental health

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  • MONTHLY GARDEN COACHING from an expert with 25 + years experience

  • ONLINE COURSES - on-demand courses, so you can learn any time you want to

  • MASTERCLASSES - short, topic-based classes that won't leave you feeling overwhelmed

  • GARDEN GUIDES to show you what to plant and when, and checklists to achieve your garden goals

Monthly Garden Coaching

Expert horticulturist, The Veggie Lady, will show you how to get more home grown produce and how to avoid common mistakes new gardeners make

  • VIP Members Q & A Session

    Let the gardening expert support you through your gardening journey with our monthly Q & A sessions. Whether you're just starting a garden, needing a little more inspiration to keep you on track, or want help to overcome a roadblock, Toni can help you with your next steps.

  • Monthly challenges

    Monthly group challenges keep you on track to create a garden that will feed you every day of the year. Challenges include: 365 days of Seasonal Greens, Preparing for Seasonal Transition, Create a Wildlife Garden, 10 Minutes a Day in Nature, Sustainability Challenge

  • Organic Problem Solver

    No more searching the internet for answers to your pest and disease questions. With 25+ years of experience, The Veggie Lady can quickly identify common pest problems and offer all organic solutions that actually work during our monthly zoom meeting.

  • Masterclasses

    Each month will focus on a different Masterclass that VIP members work through together as a group. Achieve your garden goals quicker with group accountability. PLUS: VIP members also get to attend ANY NEW masterclass for FREE as part of their membership.

Online Courses

Backyard Veggies & Home Composting

Backyard Veggies
Start your own veggie patch with step by step video instructions that show you the whole process from planning to harvesting.

Module 1 - Planning
Module 2 - Preparation
Module 3 - Planting
Module 4 - Maintaining
Module 5 - Problem Solving
Module 6 - Growing & Harvesting

Home Composting
Learn how to make your own compost fertiliser and save yourself a truckload of money.

* Bins, barrels, bays
* Constructing a compost
* Materials to use
* Aerobic & anaerobic compost
* Turning and harvesting your compost
* Challenges


& Garden Guides


All masterclasses are replays of live webinars and are topic based. Short classes designed for increasing your gardening knowledge, improving your mental health and building sustainable practices

Masterclasses for gardening knowledge:

  • 5 Biggest Mistakes Veggie Gardeners Make and How to Avoid Them
  • Balcony Gardening & Gardening in Small Spaces
  • Herbs at Home
  • Organic Pest & Disease Control
  • Seeds - selecting, sowing and saving 
  • Vertical Gardens

Masterclasses for sustainability:

  • Composting
  • Recycling in the Garden
  • Worm Farming

Masterclasses to help your mental health:

  • 5 Minute Mindfulness Exercise
  • Mindful Gardening
  • Resilience Through Gardening

The Veggie Club Garden Guides

MONTHLY CHECKLISTS to keep your garden on track even if you're totally unorganised

PLANTING GUIDES - stop planting random things and getting random results!!

HARVEST GUIDES - know what's in season so you can eat healthy meals from your own garden

PROPAGATION LISTS to show you when to take plant cuttings and get new plants without spending any money

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Save more than 40% with a half-yearly subscription

Bonus extras when you become a VIP Member

All of this is yours right now!

  • BONUS 1 - Veggie Guides with Backyard Veggies course

    Download your Veggie Growing Guides for 30 different vegetables. See how to grow just about everything you ever wanted to grow in your own backyard.

  • BONUS 2 - GardenJournal with Backyard Veggies course

    Create your own personalised Garden Journal with seed sowing notes, garden task calendar, soil and plant analysis charts and garden design plan.

  • BONUS 3 - eBook "125 Ways to Go Green" with The Veggie Club

    Even if you only take up one single tip from this ebook, that will be worth it. There are 125 green strategies in this ebook to help you save your money and still be green, so you have little excuse not to start doing several of them - or all of them!

  • Private Facebook community

    Don't be left on your own again not knowing what to do. Connect with other veggie gardeners, learn from each other and share the fun of harvesting produce together.

What people are saying:

Emma Castle

Home gardener - Camden, NSW

Toni is the teacher you wish lived next door! She is approachable, practical, fun and her lessons just make sense – no unnecessary frills but nothing is missed either. I only wish I had done this course years ago – I could’ve avoided so much crop failure and pest invasion (but what would gardening be without the humbling lessons in nature vs man, right?). I highly recommend this to anyone starting out, as well as people like me who have been at it for years and making easily avoided mistakes (if you have Toni on your team)!

Anke Libeton

Participant of Harvest Collective, North Sydney

It has been a longstanding dream of mine to grow more of my family's food. I watched many YouTubes about growing and still found myself looking at little tomato seedlings that didn't grow beyond the tiny seedling stage. I had a worm farm that didn't give me much castings and a fairly random approach to planning and planting. Toni the Veggie Lady's courses go beyond this haphazard approach and provide in-depth information and practical solutions to backyard growing problems. My tomato plants started to grow, I am now able to confidently use companion planting and I am working on feeding the soil. I wasn't sure if this course would cover anything that I couldn't just as easily find online, but Toni's enthusiastic and comprehensive teaching provided much more. Inspired by this course, I have planted about 80 plants in the first month and I am starting to see the first capsicums ready to harvest. The face-to-face training, webinars and online training sessions are in-depth, inspiring and fun.

Dolores Meilak

President, Holroyd Garden Club

Toni, is a perfect teacher, as a vegetable gardening expert. The way she explained to our Holroyd Garden Club members today was truly much appreciated. Many have now been inspired to go home and plant some herbs and veggies for themselves.

This could be you ...

  • Fresh delicious meals every night

  • Stop shopping at the green grocer or supermarket

  • Confident growing from seeds

  • Reduced stress and anxiety by spending time your garden daily

  • Healthy organic lifestyle

  • Low ecological footprint

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Save more than 40% with a half-year subscription

About your trainer

Known as The Veggie Lady (, Toni Salter has a passion to see organic gardening principles adopted by everyone, encouraging people to grow organic produce everywhere, whether it’s in their backyard, hospital rehabilitation, aged care facility or day centre for people with disabilities or mental health conditions. 

Toni is a qualified Horticulturist and Recreation Activity Officer and has been teaching popular community education classes on organic gardening through local councils for the last 20 years. She runs therapeutic gardening programs, developing sensory gardens through community health services and provided training on social and therapeutic gardening for staff, carers and volunteers. Toni is also a regular guest on local ABC Radio Sydney gardening show with Simon Marnie.

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